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    Geoffrey Badenhorst


    I am a registered Dutch architect educated at the Technical University of Delft, based in Amsterdam/Chicago. In 2017 I established Bureau Badenhorst an architectural office focussing on historic research and restoration.


    In 2016 I started my current collaboration with Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, in projects on the influences of Dutch colonialism on Dutch shared heritage and the effect of the cultural exchange between Asia and Europe on material culture in the 17th and 18th century.


    My present design project dives into the past, present and future of the iconic blue and white ceramic. My particular interest narrows in on the representation of cultural exchange as told with cobalt and clay.








  • Bureau Badenhorst

    Architectural Restoration


    Bureau Badenhorst is an Amsterdam/Chicago based restoration office founded in 2017. Our current work involves the restoration and redevelopment of Landfort estate in Gendringen, the Netherlands. Our consulting group helps tackle the intricacies of bringing the historic estate into modern times while still maintaining high fidelity.


  • Shared Cultural Heritage Projects

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    Online Furniture and Silverware Database

    Online database

    Current digitization project of the East Indies furniture and silver collections of the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) and Gemeentemuseum (Den Haag)  



    Historians of Netherlandish Art Podcast

    Episode 4: Geoffrey Haider-Badenhorst, Carrie Anderson, and Marsely Kehoe



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    Baroque in Batavia


    Current research on the development of Baroque furniture and furnishings in public buildings in Batavia (Jakarta) around 1700.

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    Publications on Dutch Colonial Material Culture



    • Common Ground, de gedeelde erfenis van gescheiden werelden (bookreview), Zuid-Afrika maandblad


    • Robben Island, Good, Hope South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600, Van Tilt, 2017​​​
    • Hendrik Swellengrebel, Good Hope, South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600, Van Tilt, 2017​​​
    • Simon van der Stel, Good Hope South Africa and the Netherlands from 1600, Van Tilt, 2017​​​
    • Het achttiende-eeuwse Zuid-Afrika door de ogen van Robert Jacob Gordon, Zuid-Afrika maandblad
    • Het buitenleven in Nederland en aan de Kaap, Zuid-Afrika maandblad en SKBL newsletter
    • Botanische kennis voor economische macht en groei, Zuid-Afrika maandblad
    • Van Hollands kabinet naar Engelse hangkast, Zuid-Afrika maandblad
    • Groot Constantia, pleisterplaats voor goden en stervelingen, Zuid-Afrika maandblad

    • Kaapse taferelen uit Chinese penselen, Zuid-Afrika maandblad

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